I’m a doctor. I love technology. I’m a high tech doctor.

I think about technology and I experiment with technology.

I want to capture my thoughts, recommendations, experiences and pass them on.

From my first Binatone to my latest VR headset, I’ve been there. 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit and now 64-bit. Black and white, green screen, VGA, SVGA, HD and now 4k. I got my first smartphone in 1998 and was emailing and browsing over a mobile network from the beach on dial-up. That phone had a separate number for incoming faxes!

Some of the content relates to technology for personal use – VR, in-car technology, home automation and so on. Other content relates to personal and professional productivity – in-office voice recognition, medical applications, social media assistants, etc.

I hope that you find some of the information helpful – we can do so much more with the right assistance, whether it’s avoiding traffic jams by having the right traffic-aware satnav or using the right password manager to make sure that we can access what we need online. We can also waste time, money and resources on useless or bewildering technology that we don’t need. As a doctor, I need to be effective to make sure that I provide the best care to my patients. My personal and professional technology can help with this – or get in the way.